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How to Start


Make sure you are within the radius (50m) of the start checkpoint  location that you chosen at the preferred timeslot. When your slot timing has arrived, pull down the page to refresh the page and click on the “start race” button. Please ensure that at anyone time, at least one team member is logged into the application. There will be a three second countdown before the race begins.


 The Xplorer App is GPS enabled so it will automatically detect the checkpoints within a 20-meter radius. You will be notified when you arrive at the checkpoint. There will be 4 different types of challenges available- Photo, Quiz, Physical and Special challenges.


Collecting Stars

Complete the checkpoint challenges in each area to earn stars and stand to win attractive prizes!

Upon arrival at each checkpoint you will receive 100 stars. Earn additional stars by completing the challenges at the checkpoints. Total team score is calculated based on the average number of stars collected per participant in the team. For example, if two team members complete the same challenge of 100 stars, the team will earn 100pts as it is the average score among everyone. 

Visit all 4 main districts of SengKang covered within the app to know its past, present and future.  Winners will be determined by completion of the race, number of stars collected and the fastest time.  


Check the leaderboard function on the app to see where your team ranks. 

DISCLAIMER: Leaderboard results are not the final results of the race. Final results of the race will be revealed at the end of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I start Xploring? / How do I become an Xplorer ?

Download the Xplorer app from the App Store or from Google Play, register an account and you're ready to go! 

Do I have to pay to download the app?

The app is absolutely free to download !

How many people can I a race with?

For this SengKang x Xplorer race, a group of 3-5 people are allowed to sign up. 

Can I sign up with my children if they do not own any mobile devices?

Yes, it is still possible to sign up as a family! You can simply indicate 3 participants but only activate 2 of the codes among participating adults. The total score will an average among those who have activated the code thus you will not be at a disadvantage when it comes to scoring.

What if I am feeling unwell that day after registering for the race?

There will no be refund applicable if any participants within the team is unable to join.  As for the score, the average calculation only includes  the absent member if he/she has registered using the code.

Can I use my scooter, bicycle or roller blades ?

Yes, you can! Exploring does not need to be always on foot! Singapore has extensively made exploration easy and convenient for all of us, so why not take advantage of it? Hot tip: Use your road sense! 

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