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Guide to Fort Canning Park

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Want to take a hike but don’t think you’re that fit? Fort Canning Park is the one for you. The perfect place for IG worthy shots and exploring Singapore’s history, this guide will give you all the must-visit places during your trip.

About Fort Canning

Previously known as the “Forbidden Hill”, this landmark once stood the palaces of the 14th Century Kings and served as Headquarters of both Far East Command Centre and British Army Barracks. Today, this 18-hectare land has been divided into 9 different historical parks for the public to learn more about its rich history.

Here’s a small listicle of places that we feel are worth a visit.

Things to do at Fort Canning:

History Time: Historical Landmarks

1. Battlebox

Being the #1 Museum in Singapore on TripAdvisor, this landmark uncovers the hardships faced when the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942. Explore and view the wartime artefacts up close as you watch the war unfold through a series of rooms that reflect on the bygones.

Source: Trip Advisor

A new 30-min guided tour has been introduced from 1 December 2020 whereby visitors get to venture underground while being led by an expert guide. After which, you’ll be allowed to xplore freely.

Opening hours: Fri-Sun & Public Holidays, 9.30am-5.30pm

(Closed on Mon-Thu)

Admission price: Adult - $20, Child - $10 (Singapore Rediscovers Voucher allowed)

Duration: Estimated 1h (free and easy after a 30-min guided tour)

You can find out more from their website here.

2. Sally Port

These intimidating gates were used to help defenders enter and exit the fort undetected or to make any surprise attacks on the enemies. Interestingly, the word “Sally” meant: to make a vigorous exit.

Out of the 3 original Sally Ports, this is the last one standing as the other 2 suspiciously disappeared…yikes

3. Artisan Garden

This location is one of the last archaeological sites in Singapore that holds objects of the ancient past, giving the public an opportunity to take a peek into Fort Canning’s history.

This gallery includes showcasing objects through a glass panel on the floor (super cool) and informative write-ups of the different exhibits available.

Get Your Cameras Ready: IG Worthy Spots

1. Fort Canning Tree Tunnel

This is a place not to be missed when you visit Fort Canning Park! The iconic IG famous spiral staircase went viral when visitors constantly came up with creative, photogenic shots to post.

Pro tip: Get there early to get a nice shot (with natural sunlight seeping through the canopy) without having too long of a waiting time.

2. Sang Nila Utama Garden

When I saw Sang Nila Utama Garden, it reminded me of the Handara Gate in Bali! It was a pleasant surprise since my trip to Bali got canceled due to the pandemic (boo). Did you know that this beautiful garden is actually a re-creation of a 14th century Southeast Asian garden?

This is also another spot that frequently appears when I scroll through my IG feed, which is of no surprise to me as the garden was indeed very picturesque.

3. Pancur Larangan (Forbidden Spring)

Back in the days, the Forbidden Spring was once a freshwater spring used as a bathing place for women from the royal family. This water fountain is definitely one of the must visits here because it is simply too pretty to be missed!

(Re)Live your Childhood

1. Jubilee Park

Travel back in time and relive your childhood at this fun-filled place! You can expect to find wooden obstacle courses, a variety of slides and even a gigantic see-saw in the midst of nature. These never fail to appeal to both kids and those young at heart!

There is even a little treetop lookout to fulfill your treehouse dreams. Can you spot our fellow xplorer?

There's also a swing designed for wheelchair users. However, it was closed for renovation works during our recent visit.

2. Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills

After having a fun time in Jubilee Park, it’s time to satisfy your hunger pangs! Good news for you, Tiong Bahru Bakery Foothills is just around the corner. Kouign Amann anyone? 🤩

Just like how Goldilocks followed the scent and found the Three Bears’ home, we followed the pleasant aroma of freshly baked goods and located the bakery amidst the lush greenery. There are also multiple signs to direct you to the location so you won't have to worry about missing it!

What sets this outlet apart from the rest is its open kitchen concept, where you can see what's going on behind the scenes of this popular bakery. Not only does this cafe scream aesthetic, it also offers both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements for you to sip some coffee and relax.

Bon appétit!


Do try to spot these few iconic landmarks while you’re there :D

1. Fort Canning Lighthouse

2. Raffles Garden

3. Fort Canning Cemetery

4. Nine Pound Cannon

5. Fort Gate

Worried that you will miss out on these iconic landmarks? Fret not! Simply download the Xplorer app, choose “Fort Canning Park'' under “Practice Races” and you’re good to go! Just follow the checkpoints through the app and you can definitely spot them.

You can challenge yourself (and your friends) by completing photo, quiz and physical challenges at the different checkpoints. The Xplorer App also offers many other practice races for you to choose from (’s free!). Head over to “How to use the app” to find out more!

Happy Xploring! :D #xperiencethextraordinary

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