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Xplorer Exclusive: Windsor to Windsor Trail

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Want to go on a long hike but sian of the usual trails? We got your back! From now to the end of August, our Xplorer App has an exclusive race curated just for you! This 28km (yes, you heard it right) route has some iconic landmarks along the way, promising you an interesting and fruitful hiking journey! No doubt this hike has a high level of difficulty, but if you are game for a challenge, I’m sure the nature enthusiast inside of you will be in for a real treat! 🤩

Let our trusty Xplorer app guide you to some of these noteworthy landmarks (there’s more!) as you embark on this journey! Be sure to read till the end to find out how you can sign up for this fun-filled Premium Race. 😊

To start off the race, make your way to Windsor Nature Park. The park opens from 7am to 7pm daily.

Getting There

By Car: Drive to Windsor Park Carpark. Since the trail ends at the same (starting) location, you may park your car at the parking spaces available there!

By MRT: Alight at Marymount station and take bus 410G*/52/162/166/855/980 to the nearest bus stop mentioned below.

*most recommended as it takes the shortest travelling time

By Bus: Alight at “Bef Windsor Pk Rd” bus stop (53061) and head to Windsor Park Carpark on your right to start the race.

Buses available here: 52, 132, 162, 162M, 163, 165, 166, 167, 410G, 855 and 980

Do note that it is strongly advisable to have a hearty breakfast + bring your own snacks (please secure them safely in your bag) for this hike as there are little to no food options along the way. Now that you are all set, here are some of the landmarks you can expect to see on this 28km journey.

Ranger Station

With benches, clean toilets and water coolers all in one place, Ranger Station is an ideal pit-stop for your long walk. Take a good break here as the next resting spot will be miles away.

Source: Mapio

Please be careful if you are carrying food as there are many monkeys here who may just approach you...

Jelutong Tower

Get ready for a bird’s eye view of nature from the heart of MacRitchie. Leading up the spiral staircase is a 360-degree scenic view of the dense greenery and reservoir from the top of the tower.

Perfect for bird watching and getting that Insta-worthy shot; this place is a must-visit!

Guess who’s afraid of heights?

Dillenia Hut

En route to the giant pipelines, you will spot a standalone hut on your right; you have to keep a lookout for the hut as it is easily missed by many (this is why you should use the Xplorer App 😉) Don’t you think this hut gives off a super mysterious vibe?

To get a closer look of the hut, you would have to jump across a small lake. We do not recommend you to do so but if you decide to, please be careful! 👀

Giant Pipelines

These iconic giant pipelines are popular among frequent Bukit Timah hikers. They used to be open for the public to walk across like a giant balancing beam.

Unfortunately, the pipes seemed to be cordoned off during our last visit there. ☹️

Psst…let us share with you a secret. If you take a left turn from the first pipe on the left, you will chance upon a quiet, serene lake, just like the one you will see in a fairytale! Please watch your steps as you make your way down the steep slopes as it might be a little slippery.

While you are there, remember to play your part and take good care of the place (please do not litter there!! 😡) Here’s a sneak peek of the magical lake if you haven’t seen it on our TikTok channel!

Chestnut Observation Tower

If you take the Northern trail in Chestnut Nature Park, you will come across this tall observation tower.

Conquer the 5 sets of stairs and you’ll be at the peak overlooking the lush greenery. You can also spot some high-rise buildings amidst the greenery.

Mandai Trail

Continue your journey on the Northern Trail, which first brings you to Zhenghua Park and then the Mandai Trail.

This picture is not doing the trail any justice

This trail is one of the nicest we have ever seen, with tree vines and dense foliage overlapping to create a canopy. Doesn’t this remind you of Alice in Wonderland?

Beware of mountain bikers while you’re there as this is a shared path!

Thomson Nature Park

Opened in 2019, this 50-hectare park offers 5 different trails for one to fully immerse in the flora and fauna within. The trails span across 3.8km, and you will be able to find ruins of a former Hainan Village along the Ruins & Figs trail. Similar to Windsor Nature Park, the opening hours are from 7am to 7pm daily.

Along the trail, you will find signboards sharing backstories of families and their humble beginnings, allowing park-goers to have a better understanding of its rich heritage.

There are also carefully conserved ruins on the trail for park-goers to gain insights into their lives back then. Some of the ruins are kinda hidden within the overgrown greens so you might have to look closely to spot them (let’s bring out our inner Dora the Explorer!) .

Lower Peirce Trail

You will be passing by Lower Peirce Reservoir Park as well. Stay tuned for our next article to find out more about Upper and Lower Peirce Trail!

Here’s a teaser of this beautiful place!

It is advisable to visit this place when the sun is out as there are no lights along the boardwalk (super scary).

Xplorer Premium Race

Now that you get a glimpse of the landmarks you will be passing by for this trail, aren’t you excited to check them out yourself? Good news then, the “Windsor to Windsor” trail is now on Xplorer App (only for a limited time!) :D For just $2.99, you will get yourself a virtual tour guide around the area, without having to worry that you will get lost or miss out on any interesting landmarks. What a bang for the buck!

At the same price, you can also purchase the “MacRitchie to MacRitchie” premium paid race to explore the other side of the Central Catchment area. Some of the noteworthy landmarks include Zig-Zag bridge and Lim Bo Seng Memorial Tomb. This route is definitely less daunting than the “Windsor to Windsor” route, but it’s no less exciting! 😉

For a start, you may also download the Xplorer app to try out our Practices Races (psst…it’s free!) This is a great opportunity for you to prepare and train yourself for this super challenging hike.

Scan this to download The Xplorer app!

Hurry up, as the races will end on the last day of August (and you do not want to miss out on this good lobang). Happy #XploringtheXtraordinary! :D

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