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Xplorer's Guide to Sengkang

Do you know that Sengkang used to be known as Kangkar (港脚 gǎng jiǎo in Chinese)? Previously a fishing village complete with its own jetty, this area is now densely populated and split into 7 subzones. Let’s take a look at what this neighbourhood has to offer that will perhaps warm the cockles of your heart?

Sengkang Sculpture Park

This park features a number of creative sculptures that are made based on a marine theme as it relates back to the neighbourhood’s former fishing village days. Staying true to its roots!

There are 5 different sculptures plotted across the area so do keep a lookout for all of them.

Sengkang Floating Wetland

This floating wetland used to be Singapore’s largest man-made wetland until the recent new platform at Jurong Lake Gardens was built. A stroll along this boardwalk not only gives you a good view of the Sungei Punggol but also showcases a variety of flora and fauna.

There are even informational signages around to educate everyone on the types of plants that can be found along.

The iconic feature of this place is the super sized fruits that are super cute! You will first spot the giant mangosteen that is literally a shelter to take pictures or even make it a pit stop.

Just in front of this mangosteen are cross-sections of oranges scattered across. It’s so huge that it can even be a seat for you to take a break if you are feeling tired.

While walking along the boardwalk, look out for turtles actively moving about! We were pleasantly surprised to see so many just swimming around when we peered into the waters. Just keep swimming~

Do note that cycling is not permitted on the boardwalk but you may dismount and push it across.

Riverside Park

1. Allotment Garden

Do you know that there are gardening spaces that can be rented in Singapore?

This allotment garden located within Riverside Park gives its residents (especially those who have green fingers) an opportunity to grow their own plants!

There are about 20 allotment parks across Singapore and you can check here to see if there is one near you.

2. Man-made Marsh

According to NParks, this marsh was manually constructed to allow water from Sungei Punggol to flow in. This was created to mimic a wildlife habitat so park-goers have a chance to see and learn more about these wetland inhabitants.

Due to the tall plants surrounding this wetland, we spotted many dragonflies while admiring the view.

Skool4kidz Campus

From Riverside Park, you will need to cross a bridge with a dedicated pedestrian path along the road to reach Skool4kidz Campus. It overlooks Sungei Punggol so you can enjoy a nice stroll along the way.

This big campus is the first child care center in Singapore to be built within a public park. Its exterior well incorporates nature, which helps it properly blend into the surrounding nature.

Beside this campus are a small playground and even a vegetable corner where kids can play. It’s an innovative inclusion as kids can learn about vegetable plantations at this small make-shift corner.

Anchorvale CC

Just before heading down to Sengkang Floating Wetland, you will spot Anchorvale CC. There is even a McDonald’s outlet there where you can fuel yourself before starting your walk!

The small outlook shown above is located in front of the CC and you are free to visit anytime. The view there is simply beautiful, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Sengkang has definitely warmed the cockles of our hearts, and it's time that we go out and xplore this estate! It’s no secret that Sengkang takes pride in their old fishing port days as it can be seen incorporated in some of the infrastructures found in the estate. Despite staying here my entire life, I must say that there’s indeed so much more to this neighbourhood that’s waiting to be discovered! Be sure to head down and see for yourself! ;)

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