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Introducing our Avatars

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Meet Xiao Onz, Kia Cecilia, Kia Susie and Paul-tato, the 4 avatars that will be embarking on a journey to discover the hidden gems in Singapore. These avatars are inspired by our very own Xplorers, who have different expectations and preferences when it comes to their desired outdoor Xperiences. They are here to recommend you the most scenic places in Singapore, with a personal twist.

Regardless of what kind of Xplorer you are (or feeling that day), we believe there is an outdoor adventure just for you! Trust our avatars to guide you on a fun-filled Xperience you won't regret😉

Excited to come on this adventure with us? Keep a lookout for our upcoming blogs and download the Xplorer App to start your adventure today! #HappyXploring

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